Grow your business fast with Facebook Ads manager

2.7 Billion Facebook users in 2020

At this moment in time, most of the population are spending more and more time on Facebook each day, especially due to Covid-19 and subsequent fallout. You might not like Facebook, but chances are your potential customers do. Don’t miss out on what is, at this moment in time, the biggest pond on the planet full of people who want and need what you are selling.


Organic reach is nearly dead compared to 5 years ago

Unfortunately, organic reach is really not worth bothering with unless you have massive numbers of followers and even then you will only reach about 6% of them. For the last few years Facebook have been reducing how many of your audience see your ads, it’s frustrating but Facebook is a business and they are out to make money.


Paid Ads combined with good content lets’ you scale who sees your ads

If you put interesting content out there with Paid Ads, you will also increase your organic reach as many people share information and content they find interesting with their friends.


Facebook targeting

Facebook targeting is absolutely outstanding, you can target people by location, gender, age, interests, and hobbies.

Tap into recent purchase history and buying behaviour.

Get creative with life-event targeting.

Use custom audiences to nurture leads and build loyalty.

Create audiences from people who already spend money with you, you can target lookalike audiences. This is a very clever feature Facebook can work out who has spent money with you and look for more of those types of people. I, personally, have done very well out of this.

Layer targeting options to get superpowers with your targeting ability.



Re-marketing is an absolute must if you want to increase your client base. When people visit your website, they will automatically see your ads when they visit other websites, YouTube or any other social media platform. Ever thought it was strange when you visited a website and then that product seems to pop up everywhere in front of you as you scroll around social media and the internet? Well, it’s no co-incidence, its re-marketing and Facebook makes this easy to achieve.

Re-marketing is probably the most effective way of growing your business and staying ahead of your competition.


Turn Visitors into Customers

Using Facebook Ads will bring traffic to your website. This gives you a chance to keep in contact with those people who have visited.

If you tag visitors who come to your site with a cookie, this will boost and build your re-marketing audience.

Once you start applying behavioural and demographic filters on your audience, you can target your Facebook Ads to a niche group of people who are interested in what you are selling (behavioural and interest targeting), who recently checked out your website (re-targeting), and who can afford to buy your product or business service (demographic targeting).

If you need any help with your business in successfully implementing Facebook Ads, why not give us a message or call. Our team of experts are ready to take your business to the next level.