Marketing is not just Facebook statuses or Google Ad words, real marketing is about building castle walls around your business and making it bomb proof. You have to build a kingdom with walls so strong; they cannot be penetrated by the competition or any economic downturn or recession. You have to be able to create your own micro economy. 20 years ago if you owned a business and also owned three or four local newspapers covering the town you lived in and surrounding areas, your business would have been tightly secured in top position for exposure in your local community. But back then you would have needed a couple of million to buy up all the local media.


Social media is the key to building fortress walls around your business & your brand. If you build your walls strong with good foundations not only will you be able to defend and attack the competition with one business, you will be able to start any business you want and leap ahead of your competitors. The first thing you must understand about good social media marketing is this. Think of social media as an online community with a common interest a big coffee shop where everyone goes for a good gossip and entertainment. Like any community people will like you and some will hate you, don’t get offended its par for the course, and why would you worry if you own the coffee shop or the community centre. That’s right I decided right at the start if I was going to use social media communities to build my business, I wanted complete control. So, I had to go out and construct my own digital community, coffee shop or town. Its not always easy and fast but it’s a must do. Most business owners just build a Facebook page that is purely about their business. That’s boring to most people. Think bigger!

No one is interested in your Facebook business page!