Shopping cart abandonment on your website can happen in 7 out of 10 purchases. This has resulted in nearly 400 million pounds of lost revenue for global businesses.

Barclays recently did a survey and according to the results in the United Kingdom alone, shoppers abandon online carts worth £35 every month. That totals a frightening £18 billion in lost sales every year.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, which started in 2020, more people than ever are doing their shopping online; just imagine the amount of sales being lost.

Many small to medium sized businesses do not realise how many potential sales they are losing each month. Every business, large or small, needs to be able to access  data from their website to understand at what stage, and why, they are losing a sale after the potential customer has started the buying process.

Did you know your website can be optimised so you can follow up on lost business, even down to the exact point in the buying process the cart was abandoned and enable you to track that buyer and give yourself another strong possibility at getting back the lost sale?

Make sure your website is data driven to follow up all abandoned cart sales, with an email encouraging the buyer to come back and purchase the abandoned goods with as little fuss as possible.

Shopping cart buying processes need to be smooth and easy to use for the consumer. Ask the wrong question or your website takes too long to load the next page, you can lose the sale.

Using promo codes can, on its own, drastically reduce cart abandonment, especially when selling luxury branded goods within the fashion retail industry.

We have reduced our clients’ cart abandonment by up to 36% within 4 months of optimizing their website.

When it comes to website optimisation, we can show you proven data from existing client case studies.

A fully optimized website can also play a massive part in your re-marketing strategy.