Very professional and certainly knows his stuff. David guided me in the right direction for advertising on social media. I would highly recommend David to everyone.

Zara Cowdray

Photography by Zara

David and I worked together on a marketing campaign. Throughout each phase of the operation David was able to provide me with timely and beneficial updates. His subject matter knowledge is evident and his utilisation of this knowledge allows full leverage of the resulting data. Regardless of the media platform I can recommend David for your business.

David PM Lewis

Directoe at Lewis Wealth Management

"I can vouch for David as a Social Media Marketing Communications Specialist, Conflict Management and Keynote Speaker. Dave's approach is professional and his talk's/workshops are always very informative and everyone goes away smiling and saying what a great speaker he is. Dave has been the speaker at my workshops on Social Media within my networking groups, and always found nothing but total dedication and professionalism in the way he works. If you want to come be ahead of the pack in business, Dave is the person you need to contact. I highly recommend you get in contact with him, he is very approachable and has a great positive work ethic.

Ruth Wilkinson

South Coast Business Networking

David has been so helpful in giving me lots of information to help me increase my social media reach for my new business. He is a really motivational and upbeat person with amazing knowledge and experience of marketing and he isn't afraid to share this with others. His networking events are not to be missed! Thank you David!

Elaine Atkinson

Risk Management Systems
As a marketing novice i was at a loss as to how to enhance and expand my online presence. David took time to clearly breakdown some simple steps in easy to understand language and I am already seeing the benefits within a few days of our first session. A fantastic teacher and full of passion for ideas that will truly make a difference to your business. I will certainly be continuing my association with David into the future.

Sarah Simmonds

Business Owner/Entrepreneur
I thought this (FACEBOOK marketing) was a load of old flannel at first.. I was plodding along, my page likes growing (or so I thought) ... Then..I employed DO... David waved his wand and everything went frantically crazy.. Likes galore on posts, comments pouring in, queries, new clients.. It was NUTS.... In fact, I struggled to keep up... THINK U CAN DO IT ON YOUR OWN... FORGET IT...

Ben Slade

Business Owner/Entrepreneur