Let me make one thing clear, no-one is interested in your product or service unless they can relate to it from their own emotional perspective. Every product and service are the same apart from the packaging. The only thing that sets any product apart from the competition is the so-called branding.

What is branding? Unfortunately, most people don’t have a clue and think it’s your company’s physical image or logo but branding has nothing to do with a physical image on a letterhead, product label or website.

Branding is about how you make someone relate to your product. Most adverts I see are all the same. For example, most perfume ads look the same; a lovely photo of an upmarket or not so upmarket bottle, maybe on occasion being held by a beautiful woman with a clever headline and a subheading.

Have you noticed how every company is doing the same thing? Let’s be honest, it’s really boring and no-one is interested in your product, they are interested in how your product makes them feel and a picture of a perfume bottle is not going to make them feel much at all.

If you want your product or service to stand out from all the others you have to attach emotional value to the product or service. When potential customers look at your advert, they have to be pulled in emotionally first as the product is of no importance unless they can connect the two.

When someone looks at your advert, they have to be thinking ‘that’s where I want to be’, or ‘that’s who I want to be seen as’, only then have you got the chance of selling the product.

Every product or service you are promoting, has to have emotional pull to get a connection to the audience because most of the time your product is one of thousands of others and there’s no real reason to choose your product or service over any other.

Break the rules if you want to break free of the pack.