Marketing your business with hard data and truth, not fluff!

In the world of self-protection and martial arts, there’s a lot of people selling fluff and unproven BS. I worked the doors for 15 years if I had relied on fluff and BS I would never have survived. So many people get taken in by fairy tale fighting systems and instructors who teach what they have never done themselves, and if truth were known they would probably have difficulty in fighting sleep.

The world of marketing is no different there’s plenty of people out there willing to sell you what you want to hear. The whole industry is full of charlatans who will sell their fluff using idiotic fantasy words like funnels, big data, thought leader, re branding these are just some of the BS phrases you will hear being thrown about.

My marketing service is the uncomfortable truth of what you have to do to build your business. There is no silver bullet or magic system, its hard graft, grind and having real knowledge of the basics and what really works.

I survived my days on the doors by accepting the real truth about what was involved. The truth stopped me from getting hurt, and it’s the same with your business. If you want to really step up the effectiveness of your marketing and sales, and you don’t mind hearing and accepting the truth and what needs to be done, then drop me a message chances are I we will work well together.