Social Media and Google AdWords training

Social Media and Google AdWords training for your staff

Many businesses during this difficult time have had to cut their staff, and the remaining staff have had to become more adaptable in their skill set, to meet the demands of your business.

Marketing to increase your customer base has never more important, without new customers and being able to sell with a realistic pricing structure, many businesses will not be able to survive over the next couple of years.  Staff need to be at the top of their game when it comes to meeting the requirements marketing and getting new clients as well as any other duties they have within the business.

David Oakley marketing will get your staff up to speed fast, so you can stay ahead of your competitors and prosper through these challenging times.

We will also be in the background after your training should you need updating or need further reminders or instruction. Along with our training services, we will be on call should any problems arise that staff are unable to deal with.
In just two 6 hour sessions working with us on your social media and Google marketing you’ll learn at least:

  • Why Social Media is as important than your website in generating online profits.
  • Why Facebook and Google are going to be your easiest and most profitable source of new customers.
  • Creating Custom Audiences
  • Creating a fortress/firewall around your business
  • Spreading your business through online communities
  • Using Lookalike audiences to boost conversion
  • Direct Lead Generation from Facebook without even sending potential clients to your
    website via Facebook Leads.
  • Instagram – see sample profiles that work
  • Video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more
    How to generate leads from YouTube (this applies to every business – including yours)
  • The three big myths that will cost you a fortune
    1. “SEO” – doesn’t work (because it does)
    2. Simply Advertising on Facebook will get you customers – it must be targeted!
    3. There is a magic formula – No. It is about testing what works.
  • Using Social Media for Lead Generation
    The different types of ads that you MUST be doing
  • Remarketing to your potential clients
  • How to grow your leads list – fast
  • Understanding Facebook pixels.
  • Get noticed by ideal clients on LinkedIn – using LinkedIn to secure clients.
  • How to use multiple sources of traffic to grow your leads list.
  • How to use Facebook for free, and using paid ads
  • How changing the title of your headline can double your response – with real examples
    Plus lots more…
  • If you are using Google AdWords are you getting value for money? Just be changing a few things you can halve you click though rate fees. Most businesses are overpaying the cost per click!

We are trusted by major UK and international companies to run their marketing campaigns.

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