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We get you more students FAST!

Do you struggle to get students or charge higher prices? I have seen so many good martial arts clubs and instructors have to give up, because they found it impossible to compete with other local schools who had their marketing spot on.

The real shame with this is there are many great martial arts teachers who get pushed out of the market place by suspect instructors working in so called McDojo organisations. We all know who they are, every town or city has them. The only way to beat the bad martial arts schools is to compete with them when it comes to marketing your martial arts school. You don’t have to drop to their level and lower your standards, integrity or become a belt selling factory.

You can compete with with integrity, honesty and keeping a high standard in all you do, and killer marketing.

I have been running a martial arts academy and a physical intervention/ conflict management training business for many years. But luckily for me I was also in marketing for many years, so I understand if you want to be successful you have to be hot on your marketing. Years ago people would be queuing up at to train due to the fact people had more time for out of work activities, plus there was no where near the amount of competition out there constantly trying to get new students.

If you want to be the top school in your area, its hard work and grind, there’s no easy way. 

Digital marketing and your website are just some of the necessities you will need to get more students, when it comes to your website you need to be at the very top of organic reach in your town or city. 

My martial arts academy websites are all top of google in my area and surrounding areas, this cannot be achieved just by building an off the shelf website, the problem with off the shelf websites is the SEO is not good enough.

We can build you a website that will get to the top of google for all your key phrases and keep it updated with quality content so it stays there.

Not only that we can tell you exactly how to run your social media channels. I have more social media channels in my area than any other club, and my methods work, I have a constant flow of students and I’m certainly not the cheapest. Having a waiting list for students gives you options when it comes to premium pricing.

We don’t just build your website and let you get on with it, we keep it updated and constantly provide new content to keep you at the top, plus advice on how to run your social media.

If you would like more information on how we can help your martial arts school get more students.

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