If you want to outsell/beat the competition and come out on top, you need to do what the other guy isn’t. So many businesses play it safe when it comes to advertising and marketing strategies. The simple truth is this; if you are not marketing and advertising your business in a completely different way to your competitors, there is nothing to separate you from them.

Companies that have forged ahead of their competitors, and have carved out a premium fan base following/buyers, have had the courage to act and sell differently to their competitors and a perfect example of this is Apple. When it came to advertising their first computers anyone who watched them fell in love with the way they sold their product and what the products looked like visually. The simple fact was they sold the idea that if you bought an Apple you were different to other people who just bought a computer and most people were happy to pay high premium prices to be different and stand out from their friends and family.

Many businesses, large and small, fall into the trap of believing they have to be sensibly priced or cheap to sell products and achieve high profits, nothing could be further from the truth. Discounting and price reductions can be the quickest way of destroying what could have been a successful business.

Never forget the more expensive your product the more desirable it becomes; men don’t want to drive Porsches because they are cheap and I don’t know of many women who enjoy wearing cheap dresses or jewellery.