The marketing business is full of BULLSHIT and the problem is, it tarnishes us all with the same brush. Marketing has become a bit of a dirty word synonymous of yesterday’s snake oil salesmen and the smarmy influencers of the last few years.

There are many influencers and gurus out there. They will tell you all you have to do is go to one of their events, buy one or two of the courses they are offering and the next day you will be in the millionaires club and be buying your first yacht. Sorry to disappoint you, but chances are within two days of the event you will have come back down to earth and realise the work involved and the £2000 course you purchased will be in the understairs cupboard and filed under things that will never get done. Marketing your business is not something you can get away with doing half-heartedly as and when you feel like it.

Both online and offline marketing are professional skill sets and nothing more. There are no secrets or mystical wisdom to getting new clients. Marketing is 30% technical skill set, 20% old school basics (nothing changes) and 50% grind and burning the midnight oil (some might say boring work). If you are intelligent and able to run a business then chances, are if you put in enough time and effort you could learn to do your own marketing reasonably competently. But guess what, you won’t. The reason you won’t is because chances are you will never have the time. When my bathroom needs plumbing in, or my washing machine goes wrong, what do I do? Read books or watch videos so I can do it myself? Not a chance, I am too busy working or doing things out of work I enjoy.

It’s simple! If you want a job well done get a professional in to do it, one with testimonials and client recommendations and proven return on investment.