One of the best ways to achieve top google rankings with your website is to write interesting and informative blogs, all my websites have achieved top organic ranking due to writing regular blogs.


  1. Always keep a memo pad to jot down ideas and themes that come into your head, one thing I have found when running a business is take plenty of notes don’t try and work from your head. Because you might forget that brilliant idea.
  2. Your blog posts published to your website will be less effective if you don’t niche it to one subject. For example, don’t blog on a fashion site about something that has nothing connected to fashion. A good example would be if you are a wedding photographer, you could write about the best wedding receptions in your working area this will get interest and rank your website higher as its still to do with the wedding business.
  3. Know your audience, if you are a surfboard manufacturer selling top of the range premium priced surfboards, don’t write a blog aiming at a target audience who are likely to only purchase a low-priced product. There’s a really hot tip on how to do this would you like to know more?
  4. Write new material for your blog on a regular basis, try and put a few hours aside each week to write and update your blog.
  5. Don’t copy other people’s material, its not ethical and you will more than likely be found out. Be original and write in your own personal style, remember you’re not writing a Hemingway novel.
  6. Try not to generalise to much be specific and detailed on your subject, search engines love this and so do your readers. Find information which is not common knowledge. I practice martial arts and I love reading about its spirituality and history, I like reading details about the inner workings of my art.